Camps & Retreats

Here Is A List Of The Series Rob Has Taught At Camps & Retreats Before:

3 Enemies of the Faith– Equipping your kids to battle the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Spiritual Survival Training– Using illustrations and equipment of modern warfare, this series will arm your kids as soldiers of the Cross.

Bustin’ Out– Breaking free from the things that keep us from growing on in Christ- fear, rebellion, worldliness, etc.

Running the Race– The tools and training your kids need to “run and not grow weary, to walk and not grow faint.”

Space Camp– See how “The heavens declare the glory of God”, and how we are called to declare His glory as well.

God & The Dinosaurs– An explosive look at the destructiveness of evolution, and what the Bible and science say about creation.

These Are Series That Can be Taught At Camps, Or Over Several Weeks In Children’s Church:

MythBusters– Common misunderstandings about the Bible, Christianity, and God. (series 1 & 2)

What Do They Believe?- A look at the major religions and cults in America, what they believe, and what the Bible teaches.

The Week That Changed The World– A day-by-day walk with Jesus, from His entry into Jerusalem, through the crucifixion.

40 Days– The events from Christ’s resurrection, to His ascension.

A.D.- A walk through the major events in the book of Acts.– Common questions kids ask about the faith, with solid, Bibical answers.

Bible’s Believe It or Not– Strange, crazy, stories in the Bible, and what they can teach us.

Bugs in the Bible– Yes, you read that right! What we can learn from those stories about creepy crawlers.

EPIC: The Greatest Story Ever Told– using analogies from popular movies, how every great story points back to the Greatest Story.

In His Steps– Following Jesus, walking with Him, through His teachings, healings, and miracles.

The Storyteller– A journey through the parables of Jesus.

Lord of the Realms– The great Biblical analogies found in Tolkien’s trilogy, and their Biblical foundations.

The Gospel According to Narnia– The great Biblical analogies found in Lewis’s “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”.

My Money & Me– Teaching your children the importance of stewardship in all of life.

SPLASH!- Making intentional faith-sharers of your kids, and living the Gospel of Christ in the world around them.

Unsung Heroes– Those lesser-known Bible characters, and their amazing stories of faith and courage.

What’s in a Name?- An amazing study of the OT and NT names of God, and what they reveal about Him.

Who Let the DOGS Out?- How to be a “True DOG” i.e. a Disciple Of God.

Wonderful Outlaw– A fun, eye-opening look at the personality of Jesus, as seen in the Gospels.

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