New Beginnings

Today was Mother’s Day, and I enjoyed the afternoon with Lisa, doing things she wanted to do. We visited Home Depot for flowers, fertilizer, potting soil, and two small blueberry bushes. She wanted to fill our front porch with flora, in pots, hangers, and trays, so our day was spent “playing in the dirt.”

We’ve had a pair of blueberry bushes for about 12 years, giving us countless quarts of the little blues. The last several years have been hard on our plants, however, with late spring freezes, droughts, even a year with too much rain. After a mild winter, but another spring freeze, we sadly discovered that one of the bushes had died sometime across the winter or early spring. The other one is thriving, so we were puzzled over the it’s death.


Recently, after clipping the dead bushes’ branches all off, leaving nothing but the dead trunk, I felt impressed to ask God to bring it back to life. “That’s silly,” I thought to myself. Then I sensed God nudge me on it. “You have not, because you ask not,” came to mind. “Ask, and you shall receive, that your joy may be full.” I was reminded of the time Jesus and His disciples came upon a fruitless fig tree, and Jesus cursed it, to illustrate fruitlessness in our own lives. Within a day, the whole tree was withered and dead. So I asked, “Father, if You did that, would You do the opposite for me, and bring life and fruit back to this dead blueberry bush?” I felt impressed to return daily for awhile, and keep asking, like Jesus even instructed- “Ask, and it will be given to you…”

Back to Lisa, and Mothers Day. She wanted another couple of blueberry bushes, whatever happened with the dead one. So we picked up a pair. While staging them out, I made an amazing discovery. Not one, not two, but four little blueberry sprigs had pushed up through the soil, reaching skyward. One even had several buds across its top, and all were within about 2-3 feet of the dead original. Obviously, life was springing from the roots. I sat, marveled, and gave thanks for the little miracle.


So often, I hustle and hurry about my days, rendering precious little time to my Heavenly Father. And yet, He is ever-present, as a good Father, longing for us to commune with Him, and loving to give blessings to His children. We have not, because we ask not.


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