Going Ghost

going ghost

We live in a “Matrix” of connectivity, communication, and information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. From the moment we wake up, to the moment we fall asleep, we are plugged in, tuned in, to the Internet, to cable or satellite feeds, to broadcast frequencies. Even “after hours”, many of us keep our mobile devices on, leaving us to receive the beeps, dings, and chimes of “incoming” even while we should be resting.

We never turn off the “noise”.

I read recently of a practice that is gaining popularity among some, and I think we all would do well to give this a try or better yet, make it a practice in our “speed of light” lives.

It’s called “going ghost”.

According to my inquiries, “going ghost” is the practice of completely disconnecting from “The Matrix” (if I may borrow from the movie series) for a period of time. It means shutting off the phone, closing the iPad, tablet or laptop, turning off the television, and switching off the music blasting in our ears. It’s the practice of unplugging, of stepping “off the grid” so to speak, for some personal renewal, reflection, recharge- and I don’t mean for our devices. This can be for as short as a couple of hours, or as long as days, weeks, maybe months (okay, that may be a little extreme).

I don’t utilize this practice nearly enough (few of us do), but the times I have gone “ghost” have been refreshing. Often, out motorcycle riding, I’ll spend the day unplugged, enjoying my surroundings and the riding experience, instead of checking my phone and social media every time I stop somewhere. It is freeing, centering, I must say.

Jesus made a regular practice of “going ghost” in His time of ministry down here. Throughout the Gospels, we see Him slipping away for prayer, climbing a hill or mountain for some solitude, pushing out in a fishing boat or taking a walk for some much-needed peace and quiet. Jesus gave Himself fully to teaching, healing, and loving people, yet He also understood the value of personal rejuvenation. (see Luke 5:16, Mark 6:31-32, Matthew 14:13, among others)

If the Son of God Himself understood the value of “going ghost”, we should as well.

I love the Fall, the beauty of Autumn. These are days I love to ride, to hike, to camp, to be outdoors. I look forward to times of unplugging from the digital for awhile, and reconnecting with the spiritual more fully. I want to follow the example of my Savior, and make some time to go “ghost” down here so I can renew fellowship with the Holy Ghost, my Heavenly Father.

“Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

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