Broken Things


Since our return from the Far East, I’ve been dealing with frustration. It’s as if everything has decided to break down or need repair, all at once.
The swimming pool went green, a gasket blew on the sand filter, and now there is a pretty substantial water leak somewhere, around the skimmer or return jet.
Our basement refrigerator, a used one we bought recently (mistake), has turned out to be a money pit, a costly lesson-learned.
I’m trying to work on two motorcycles I acquired back in early May, in hopes of getting them ready and sold this summer, yet I keep running into problems that prevent them from running, and require more money to fix.
Two of our three toilets are now not functioning properly, one with a slow leak in the tank that keeps causing it to refill a little every 15 minutes, and the other just slightly runs constantly, both despite my efforts to adjust and repair their issues.
Frustrating because (1) I want and expect things to operate properly, or be easily fixable; (2) when things do not, they require requisite skills that I fear I may not have to fix them; (3) everything that breaks down requires time and money to return them to working condition, and both of those commodities are in short supply.
To top it all off, I often feel my personal fellowship with my heavenly Father is in need of repair, as I feel so distracted and unfocused any time I try to slow down long enough to spend some time in reading and prayer. As soon as I try to sit down and spend some quiet time, my mind races to things that are needing attention, whether the broken things around the house, or obligations I have in my various work projects.
By making myself sit down and write this, I am reminded of the story of sisters Mary and Martha in the Bible (Luke 10:38-42), and how often the brokenness and busyness keeps me running and agitated like Martha. She was doing good things, trying to stay on top of it all, but Mary carved out time to sit with Jesus, to learn from Him, and to just enjoy meaningful fellowship with Him. There are necessary things that require attention, but Christ asks that I trust Him, sit with Him for awhile, and remember to “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you as well.” (Matthew 6:33-34)
God promises to meet our “every need according to His riches in glory” (Philippians 4:19) if we will but trust Him to. If I will but trust Him to.

A good reminder amidst a life, a world, of broken things.

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