A Glimpse Behind the Veil


Recently a dear friend of my dad’s passed away. His name was Darrell, and he lived to 83 years old. Most important, he was a dedicated Christ follower. On his deathbed, with his wife and my parents at his side, Darrell had been mostly unresponsive for some time. Suddenly, he stirred and smiled broadly, a slight snicker escaping his lips. They leaned over him and asked, “Darrell, what are you smiling about?” His eyes still closed, he quietly replied, “Mike doesn’t have glasses.” Mike was a friend from Darrell’s younger years, also a Christian, who wore glasses his entire life. A little evidence of Heaven? Darrell was given a glimpse into eternity, he saw a friend, and that friend was whole. Incidentally, Darrell had been legally blind himself for several years, and later that day spoke again, remarking, “It’s beautiful. I’m ready.” The blind will see.
Darrell went home the next day.
I took a two-wheeled ride on a sunny day off, and marveled at the world again awash in the colors of spring. I picture Heaven as everything beautiful and breathtaking in this life, multiplied a thousand times over- all the beauty of spring and fall, sunrise and sunset, mountains and prairies, etc., all at once, forever. All those we have ever loved, those we have read about or heard of that knew Christ and loved the Father- all whole, all together for the ultimate reunion, never to say goodbye again. Best of all, the visible, personal presence of God with us, always and forever. It is ours, and it is coming.
“Eye has not seen, nor ear has heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man, what God has in store for those who love Him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9

May the power and hope of the Resurrection be yours this weekend and beyond.

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