The Burning House

burning house

A modern parable-

A certain man was standing in his front yard, nonchalantly smoking a cigarette while his house was ablaze behind him. He had been seen earlier lighting up and flipping the still smoldering matches into the pine straw and mulch surrounding the home. He apparently did it as often inside too. Of course, the mulch and straw eventually lit, as did the rugs and curtains indoors, until the whole house was engulfed in flames. As he stood on the front lawn, puffing another cig, his panicked neighbors appealed to him to save his wife and kids, still trapped inside the inferno. They called for help themselves, when he did nothing to save them. Yet he stood there, dragging on his “cancer stick”, occasionally offering a glance back to lament his misfortune and squirt a few shots of water at the roaring fire with a small squirtgun.

When the police and fire department arrived, those who could help save his family and his home, he calmly asked, “Is there a problem officers? Everything is fine, it’s all under control. What’s the panic all about?” And the destruction was complete.

This, of course, is fictional, “illustrating absurdity by being absurd.” Yet many people I’ve met and known over the years have figuratively done the very things described above- to their families, to their spouses, to their friends and loved ones. They have done this by self-destructive ways of thinking, by poor decision-making, by reckless behaviors, and by refusing to take responsibility for their actions.

Even some Christians I have known have destroyed their reputations, their fellowship with Christ and His people, and their own families by persisting in sinful ways, refusing to turn the mirror on themselves, and blaming everyone but themselves for the consequences of their actions. And great was their fall.

Stop torching your “house” with foolish, reckless living. Stop burning your relationships with your selfish choices. And if you wake up to a burning house, come to your senses, rescue yourself and your family, and reach out for help. Come home to the God who loves you, created you, and sent His Son Jesus to redeem and rescue you- stop your house from burning down, here and forever.

“He came to his senses,…” Luke 15:17-19


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