Fragile and Fleeting

Kneebenders 2016Kneebenders at S.O.R.

This past weekend was an eventful, tiring, yet encouraging three days for me. I have been reminded how fragile and fleeting our time on earth is, and how we must “make the most of our time” by investing our time, effort, and energy into others.

Friday was spent down at my parent’s lake house, helping my father saw up and remove a large pine that had fallen across their back yard. The day was cold and windy, and the work was exhausting. But the time spent with my father and mother was worth every moment. My father will be 77 this summer, but can still handle a chainsaw like men half his age. And yet, they both are showing signs of slowing (a little), and they are in the winter of their years.

Saturday I enjoyed a long day down in central Georgia with CMA members from across the state in worship, the Word, and fellowship at  the annual “Seasons of Refreshing” weekend. Our Kneebenders chapter was well represented, with about a dozen members making the trek either Friday night or Saturday morning.  Life flies by so fast, and I cherish every opportunity to share the company of such godly, energetic, full-of-life men and women.

Nancy's Can-AmNancy’s cool Can-Am

Sunday Lisa and I spent the morning with our Phoenix Community of Buford family, encouraging each other, praying and singing together. That afternoon, I had the humbling honor of officiating the funeral of the mother of a long-time friend, who had asked me to lead the service. My friend Ricky and his wife Nancy are well-known across the state in CMA circles, and there were representatives from chapters across Georgia present to encourage Ricky and his family. Looking across those in attendence, I saw the rich heritage, not only of Ricky’s mom in the families of her children, but the legacy Ricky and Nancy are leaving, in their own children and grandchildren as well as those they have blessed over the years across Georgia. It was a beautiful sight.

Life is fragile, and life is fleeting. The Bible equates our time here to “a vapor, here one moment then gone the next.” (James 4:14) Life is too short to waste on selfish indulgence. At the end of my life, I want to have spent as much of my days as possible loving God with all my heart, and loving those He brings onto and across my path.

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of faith. (Galatians 6:10)

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