Perception v. Reality


At our weekly Phoenix Community pastors meeting, we were discussing a new series we kicking off, called “Love, Actually”. We began by discussing how people’s perceptions of love, truth, God, etc are often rooted in their personal experiences, whether good or bad. A young lady recently declared to one of our pastors, “If I don’t feel love from a person, then it isn’t love.” Sounds simple enough. But if that is true, then this person dictates the definition of love, rather than love being unchanging, regardless of her circumstances.

It reminds me of those who assert that truth is subjective, that “what is true for you may not be true for me.” Or in the case of morality, those who state, “don’t push your morality on me. What’s wrong to you may be right for me.” It all comes from the post-modern position that there is no absolute truth, that all truth is really just a person’s individual opinion or bias.

And yet, absolutes drive the world we live in, drive the universe. It is an absolute truth that if one inserts their hand into a fire, they will get burned. If one jumps off a building, depending on the distance, they will plummet to their death, thanks to the immutable laws of gravity.

There are absolutes, in morality, truth, love, and God. As Creator, He has set the  plum line by which all these are to be defined. Scripture says that God is love, that God is truth, that He decides what is right and wrong, whether we mere mortals acknowledge or not.

Since God is love (1 John 4:16), He gets to define love, not us. His definition? 1Corinthians 13. His demonstration? Jesus Christ. (John 14:9)

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