At The End Of The Day…


In the last few days, the Supreme Court of the United States made two monumental decisions- they upheld the government-mandated healthcare law, and they ruled that same-sex marriages must be recognized and granted in all 50 states, thereby trumping state laws that sought to uphold the sanctity of and uniqueness of traditional marriage. As a Christ-follower, I’ve pondered these all day today, specifically the marriage ruling, and thought I’d share some thoughts here at day’s end-
1. We shouldn’t be surprised that our nation is rapidly jettisoning its Judeo-Christian heritage. It’s been a long time in the making, every other nation that turned its back on God went down the same inevitable road, and really, as the end times near, “men’s hearts will grow cold” toward the truths of Scripture.
2. If Christians and the Church get pushed against the wall over this (and surely this will happen), we must be prepared to gently but firmly declare, “we must obey God rather than man.” As a friend stated, “ultimately, I do not answer to the Supreme Court or the Supreme Commander, I answer to the Supreme God, who alone created and defined marriage.”
3. This doesn’t change our mandate from Christ to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all nations”. We are called to love people into the Kingdom, to demonstrate the life and love of Jesus Christ to a lost world, and to insure our own lives back up our words.
4. Sadly, on many issues here in America (divorce, sexual promiscuity, gluttony, etc), we have failed miserably to represent Christ and Scripture. It’s time for some self-examination in the Body of Christ.
5. This is not our home. We are citizens of a higher kingdom, and mere sojourners here, passing through. We must keep that in mind. We are not home yet.

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