A Changing of Seasons

From preschool to grad school

From preschool to grad school

The past week has been monumental in our family. A season has ended, and a new one is about to begin. Last Saturday, our oldest daughter Ansley completed her Masters degree in Speech/Language Pathology down at Armstrong State University. After a difficult undergrad program at the University of Georgia, Ansley moved from Athens to Savannah to continue her pursuit. It’s been a tough, exhausting program of academics and clinicals, but she completed it Cum Laude. We celebrated under the live oaks of beautiful Savannah, Ga.

Today, our youngest daughter Kelsey completed her Bachelors degree in Political Science at Georgia Gwinnett College. Early in her childhood, we discovered she had severe dyslexia and ADHD, and school was always tough for her (and us). Even though there were educators who told us “some children are just not cut out for college,” with the help and encouragement of other teachers who believed in her, as did we, Kelsey struggled and soldiered on. Today, she stood in joyful triumph on the platform, holding aloft her hard-earned degree.

To say I am proud of our girls doesn’t come close to describing what I’m feeling inside. They both have achieved their dreams and goals, have surmounted every obstacle, silenced every naysayer. Lisa and I now stand on the sidelines, applauding and cheering our daughters for their accomplishments. Our hearts are filled with love, joy, and pride inexpressible.

For the first time since they were both 4 years old, they no longer are students. No more homework, exams, papers, projects, finals. They both now prepare to enter the workplace of adulthood, and we know they will continue to succeed, in careers as they did in academics. We are confident God has big plans for them both, and as proud parents, we will continue to applaud and cheer them on, wherever their paths may lead.

Numbers 6:24-26

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