Ladle and Spoon


In our Phoenix Community of Buford worship gathering this past Sunday, we watched a short video vignette about “Living Generously.” A couple of friends were working in a local “soup kitchen” for the homeless, and as they talked, one remarked, “With a spoon, you serve yourself. With a ladle, you serve others.” A simple statement, but I considered its significance over the next couple of days.

All too often in this life, we are mostly concerned with taking care of our own- job security, steady income, adequate insurance, providing for the family, putting away for retirement, and so on. None of these are bad, not at all. The spoon is important. But in the crush to feed ourselves with these and other concerns, we can easily forget that there is a world of hurting people around us. A world in need. The ladle is equally important.

We who name the name of Jesus Christ are called to be His hands and feet in this world. To be His ambassadors, His physical representatives to a world in need. As God fills and blesses us (the spoon), He wants us in turn to fill and bless others (the ladle). Jesus told His disciples, and us, “Freely you have been given; freely give.” (Matthew 10:8)

God has blessed me and my family abundantly, esp. these past couple of years. Not necessarily financially or materially, but in ways I am forever grateful for. We have seen our needs met with a large ladle, for sure. May I live with a ladle in my hand, always ready to give the life and love of Jesus Christ to whomever God brings across my path.

2 responses to “Ladle and Spoon

  1. great word brother. It was good to see you the other week, and reminded me that I need to get up with you soon to get caught up on goings on. We have been abundantly blessed….eh??

  2. We have indeed, my dear friend! Did my heart good to see you that Sunday night. Would love to meet up with ya for a cup of coffee or something. In the next week or so?

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