The Real War On Women

in chains As much as “the left” constantly accuse “the right” of waging a “war on women,” I am convinced this is a ridiculous assertion. Without wading into that milieu, I propose there is another, much more real, war on women taking place. It is far from America’s borders, and on a much more deadly plane. Nightly, I read on the internet and see on the news, stories of brutality, savagery, and downright evil committed against women. Oversees, women are being horribly murdered, raped, sold into sex slavery, and brutalized at the hands of ISIS, Boko Haram, the Taliban, and other wicked men the world over. Even among so-called “civilized” peoples, pornography, violence, and demeaning of true womanhood is epidemic. It’s tragic that a woman is not much safer in the parking lot of the local grocery store in America, than in some third world countries ruled by religious radicals. I believe there is indeed a war on women, but I’m convinced it is more evil and diabolical than what we see. As surely as God created man and woman as the crown of His creation (Genesis 1:27-28, Psalm 8:4-6), there is an enemy bent on their destruction. I believe that woman is actually the crowning achievement of God’s creation, creating woman out of the man with a beauty, grace and strength that Satan was stripped of when he rebelled against God (Isaiah 14:12-15, Luke 10:18). Because of that, the woman has always been the object of Satan’s most savage assaults, throughout the long, sordid history of humankind. I believe the devil hates people, made in the image of God, but he has a particular hatred of womanhood. I cannot look at the savagery committed against femininity, whether the beheading of women in the name of Islam, or the selling of little girls into sex slavery in countries such as India and Thailand, or the violence and sexualizing of women here in the West, and not conclude there is a deeper evil behind it all. Human beings, apart from God, are capable of terrible acts. There are times human behavior sure seems to lend credibility to the theory of evolution. But much of the evil I observe can only be explained by an evil one behind it all (1 Peter 5:8). In Satan’s war against God, and his war against humanity, I am convinced he wages a particularly diabolical campaign against true womanhood. He hates her with a special, severe hatred. Being a husband of my beloved wife for over 25 years, and the father of two precious daughters, I want more than anything to protect and provide for my loved ones. I pray for their protection and safety, and will do anything to shield and defend them from the enemy. I know in this world, in the physical and the spiritual realms, they walk this life with a “target on their back.” Yet I also know the enemy will one day be defeated and cast into the lake of fire, along with all those who have carried out his heinous deeds. He knows his time is short (Revelation 12:12). The torment he has unleashed over the centuries, will be visited on his own head (Revelation 20:10). I look forward to that day. The longer I live, the more I see of this fallen world, the more I long for the time of Satan’s judgment. It is coming.

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