Reflections: Tumult and Triumph


This morning I was reading in the Word and reflecting on the year, much like I did this same day last year. I found myself in the same Scripture passage God had given me for 2014, John 14:27, about peace. I had asked Him, “What does my heart need from you for the coming year?” God had clearly spoken “Peace” to my heart, and led me to the passage in John. In my devotional this morning, I found myself there again. He had given me His definition of peace, which is a tranquility borne out of trust, regardless of circumstances. I had no idea this date last year how much I would have need of that peace across 2014.

The year began with a series of stresses that drove up my blood pressure, followed by heart and hyperthyroid issues, anxiety attacks, and sleepless nights. Then the word came I had cancer. That had struck me like a lightening bolt. Fear, uncertainty, and tension gripped me by the throat. I clung to God with a “desperate intimacy” as I came to call it, as He carried me through it. Surgery, a clean report, and subsequent chemo treatments across two months left me drained physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Yet He never left me, never failed me, and worked His peace into my struggling heart and mind. God truly supplied all of our needs, according to His riches (Philippians 4:19). We saw surprising and miraculous provision across this difficult year, and my faith has been deepened. He brought light and life to a dark place I had found myself in, and my love for God has grown immensely.

Tumult turned to triumph as God opened new opportunities for me this year. I took a teaching position at Dacula Classical Academy, was named executive director of 127 Legacy Foundation, saw my book (published this time last year) sell well across 2014, and had numerous chances to preach and teach through the ministry of Phoenix Community and CMA. Now, as the year draws to a close, I even have a motorcycle to work on across the winter, the first one since my cancer diagnosis back in March (see my “Road Dirt” blog for that).

It was indeed a year to remember for us. And a year I will not take for granted. God has been very good to my family and me, and I am very grateful to Him- for the tumult as well as the triumph.


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