A New Adventure


I’ve been granted a unique opportunity recently, as I have accepted a teaching position with Dacula Classical Academy, a Christian fine arts school in town. I’ve been affiliated with the school for many years. When I was the children’s pastor at Hebron Baptist Church, DCA met in our facilities and I was staff liaison for them. Last November, the school had the option to purchase a closed day care center, and have since expanded into this great facility. I’ve always been very supportive of their school, and now have the pleasure of joining their staff as a teacher.

I’ll be teaching high school world history on Tuesdays and Thursdays, then an Old Testament drawing class to elementary kids on Fridays. I’ve always been interested in history, and have often stated that if I taught school, I’d teach history. Well, here I go!  I’ve got to figure out how to write lesson plans, set up test, quiz and homework assignments, and track grading. But with everyone’s help at the school, I’ll get the hang of it.

There will be many of my former students from my days as Hebron’s children pastor, and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with them and their families. From Creation through the late Middle Ages this year, then the Reformation to modern times next year, we’ll be studying from a Biblical perspective and worldview. Right up my alley.

So God has opened this door for me, and I will walk through it. I’ll give it my best for as long as He has me here. I am thankful for the privilege.

4 responses to “A New Adventure

  1. Thanks Barry, you and Tony (above) both have been a great encouragement to me over the last year/half. I appreciate you very much. I’m still one of the Phoenix pastors, just won’t be planting with them for now. So, I’m gonna be a teacher!

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