The Winter of My Discontent


Today was a welcome day for us. March 1 means whatever might be left of winter, spring is around the corner. In fact, it is in the air. I have not enjoyed this winter here in Georgia. We had record stretches of sub-freezing temperatures in January, many days in the single digits, and the disastrous “Snowpocalypse” that clogged streets around the Atlanta metro area with thousands of stranded motorists. February wasn’t much better, with more freezing temps, and another huge winter storm, this one creating impassable ice on roads everywhere. I dubbed that one, “Icemageddon.”

In my own life, business has been somewhat slow, and I’ve dealt with some health issues. I was diagnosed with a slightly enlarged left ventricle in my heart (not a big deal really), and hypertension (runs in my family). Doctor visits, adjusting to medications…its been a tough beginning to the new year.

Yet as I look out across the countryside, across my own property, I see evidence of spring. Tiny buds on the tips of tree limbs, daffodils popping up and blooming skyward, and some trees showing early spring colors. Winter will end, and spring will come. And it will be most welcomed.

I believe spring every year speaks to another return, a greater restoration that awaits all of us who know, love and follow Jesus Christ. He has come, and He will come again. And all of our longings, our sufferings, our sorrows, will come to an end. We will be made whole and holy (Ephesians 1:4), we will be restored to our original design (Romans 8:29-30), and God will make all things new, forever (Revelation 21:5). What a day that will be.

The “winter of our discontent” will one day end. Spring is coming.

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