Family Ties

MacKenney 3

Last week, during Atlanta’s “Snowpocalypse”, I was down at my parent’s lakehouse, spending a couple of days visiting with them and my Uncle Bobby and Aunt Marion, my mom’s younger brother and sis in law down from Maine. Unknown until I arrived on Monday evening, Mom’s older brother Larry and my aunt Judy would be spending an evening or two with us as well, on their way back to their home in Florida. This would be a rare treat- Larry and Judy, Bobby and Marion, my mom and dad. They all keep in touch with each other, but seldom are they able to all get together at the same time, in the same place. This would be memorable, I was sure.

As the snow and ice persisted on the roads around north Georgia, we wound up spending 3 days together, and I savored every moment with the “MacKenney Kids”. We were together, around the dinner table, by the fire, outside in the snow, and I soaked in their laughter, their childhood stories, their love for each other. It was priceless. I learned things about my mom’s side of the family I never knew- there was an older sister, before Larry, who died days after birth. Bobby was a firebug as a kid, and nearly burned the family house down once while building a bonfire- in the basement. So many stories, so many memories, I wish I could have recorded the conversations. I’m just thankful I could be there, iced in with them all. Their encouragement, the collective wisdom they shared, left me humbled and thankful.

I hope and pray I can see them all again together soon, without so many years and miles between. Family ties run deep, and I’m grateful God chose to plant me in this one.

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