Weak at the Knees

Derrick & mom


I viewed this touching video clip of young Derrick being stunned and overwhelmed with joy at the sudden sight of his mother, and was overcome myself with emotion. The mom had been on duty with the Air Force in Kuwait for 8 months, and upon returning home, had arranged with the dad to show up at Derrick’s basketball game. As he hears her voice behind him at the free throw line, Derrick absolutely loses it, and crumples in a heap of emotion, unable to stand, speak, even lift his arms. His mother covers him in her arms, and the unspeakable joy is palpable. I am undone every time I watch it.

Suddenly I felt a deeper meaning in this reunion, as I realized this will be my reaction one day, at the end of my days here on earth, as I finally see my Savior, Jesus Christ, face-to-face. That will be me- I will react much like young Derrick, weak at the knees, unable to speak, unable to stand or lift my arms, with tear-filled eyes, overcome with emotion. I know the Bible says we will bow before His throne, worshipping Him in all His glory and splendor, but I think we will also be overcome with joy, at finally being home, finally reunited, and wrapped up in His comforting arms. The anticipation of this impending reunion already swells my heart, fills my eyes with tears.

He is coming. A reunion is sure. I can hardly wait.

Revelation 22:20



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