Word For The New Year

John 14.27

New Year’s Day, I got up early and sat in my favorite morning chair, near a bay window that lets in the morning sun’s brilliance and warmth. I asked the Lord, “What does my heart need from You in 2014?” Though not audibly, He clearly spoke to my heart, “Peace.” Absolutely Father, I definitely need peace. 2013 was an unsettled year, and peace was lacking in my heart for much of it. Through a devotional book I was beginning, I found myself reading this Scripture verse- “Peace I give to you; My peace I leave with you. Not as the world gives, will I give to you. Do not be troubled, neither be afraid.” John 14:27
Wow, there could not have been a more appropriate verse, word, truth for me this new year. The world defines peace as the “absence of conflict”. Yet the Biblical definition could be stated as “an inner tranquility borne out of trust in God.” Jesus does not promise an absence of conflict, in the world or in our lives. Yet He does promise His presence and peace, if we will but put aside fear and a troubled heart. I struggled with these much of 2013, even as God led me to new places, new opportunities. My words for last year were “faith” and “patience”. I clung to those throughout the past 12 months, found much comfort in them.
I will seek peace, in my own heart as well as with those around me, as I walk with God into 2014. And I will make John 14:27 my creed.

May the peace of Christ rule and reign in your heart this new year as well.


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