Reflecting on 2013

new year

And so concludes the most tumultuous year of my life. As I reflect over the past 12 months, this has been quite a whirlwind. It began with my rather abruptly leaving the traditional, institutional church, which I had served since I was 19 years old. Finding myself out of work, and out of the ministry, I soon found myself among a new group of people, in Phoenix Community of Atlanta. They welcomed me, embraced me, gave me and Lisa a soft place to land. We’ve been with them ever since, and plan to help plant/pastor a new church with them this new year.

I underwent 2 major surgeries this past year, a spinal neck surgery and a knee surgery. It’s been a difficult year of physical recovery, with complications from both. Yet I’ve had the opportunity to venture into new things, like article contributing for several motorcycle and ministry magazines, publishing my first book, buying and selling motorcycles, and becoming an authorized Amazon seller.

I reached several milestones in my life, fulfilled a few “bucket list” items. I did my first track day at Road Atlanta, riding my Triumph over 125 mph, legally. I turned 50, and celebrated by taking an 8-day motorcycle road trip with my childhood friend, Lyle Branton. “Epic” best describes our time out on the road.

The year ended on a difficult note, with the rupture of our water line the day after Christmas. We spent the next 6 days trenching and running all new lines down our 600ft driveway, under our front porch, down 2ft, and through concrete to hook it all up.

What a year. I have struggled, doubted, feared, worried, yet found new hope, new friends, new directions, new opportunities, new experiences. I’m learning now more than ever the meaning of peace. It is not a cessation of struggle or conflict, but rather an inner tranquility borne of trust. My faith in Christ has grown, my sensitivity to His Spirit and to the hurts of others deepened. I don’t know what 2014 holds, but I know Who holds 2014. In Him I will place my trust, find my peace and direction.

John 14:27

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