The Great Promise of Christmas


At the very core of Christianity is a promise, found in Scripture, in the ancient liturgies, in the classic hymns- Christ has come, Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again. Does this not give you “a thrill of hope”? There will be a Second Advent.

“We may however say to ourselves, One day these souls of ours will blossom into full sunshine. When all that is desirable in the commonness of daily love, and all we long for of wonder and mystery and the look of Christmastime will be joined in one, we shall walk as in a wondrous dream yet with more sense of reality than our most waking joy now gives us.” –George MacDonald

“Christmastime is a promise, a herald of the coming Kingdom. Jesus Christ came once, to rescue this world, just as he promised. And he is coming back, just as he promised. When he returns, life will finally be ours. All that we long for in the wonder and look of Christmastime will be ours. Forever.” -John Eldredge

This is the hope, the promise, the great treasure of our faith, the deepest longing of our hearts. He has come, and he will come again. Breathe, inhale, “a thrill of hope” this Christmas.


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