Much To Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving 2013

I’m home alone, reflecting on our Thanksgiving day together as a family, as my wife and girls take off for some “Black Friday” sales. We spent the day with my parents, enjoying an incredible spread and many smiles. Over the weekend, we’ll repeat it all with Lisa’s family, and I look forward to the joy around that table as well.

Its been a year of dramatic change in my life, from leaving the traditional, institutional American church, to undergoing two major surgeries and dealing with the after-effects of each, trying new business ventures, taking work anywhere I can find it to help pay expenses, and even turning 50. It has been quite a year.

And yet I have grown in my thankfulness this year, like never before. I’m thankful for my wife and daughters, and the love we have as an intact family. I’m thankful for both my parents and Lisa’s parents, who are all alive, well, still together, and still godly examples to us all. I’m thankful for the friends who have stood by us through thick and thin, both the friends of old, and the new ones I’ve made this year. I’m thankful for God‘s provision, every day, when I take my eyes off my own worries and concerns and just trust Him. His mercies never fail.

It’s been a year of change and uncertainty in my life. Yet I am counting my blessings more, not just on Thanksgiving, but daily, almost hourly. “In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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