Honored & Humbled

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Today I had the privilege of officiating the wedding ceremony of a precious young couple, Kayla and Jonathan. It was hosted by the Carl House in Auburn, GA, a beautiful old Victorian style southern home converted into a special events location, and furnished in 1920s-30s era decorum. It was a simply perfect day for a fall wedding, with brilliant sunshine, light breezes, low humidity, and the beginnings of autumn color in the trees. Ideal.

Kayla and Jonathan first approached me to conduct their wedding about this time last year. They both are dedicated Christ-followers, and had committed themselves to a God-centered marriage from the outset. A rarity these days. Walking through the past year with them in preparation for the wedding has been a true joy for me. God will bless this union, I have no doubt.

Some back story- Kayla was a child in my children’s ministry at First Baptist Church of Snellville back in the 1990s, along with her two sisters. Her father taught 2nd grade Sunday School in our ministry for years, with her mother jumping in and helping at times as well. If I remember right, I believe I baptized at least two of the sisters in those years, when they trusted Jesus as their Savior. Her father had become a close friend of mine in those times, and I truly loved that family.

Tragedy struck the family in the early 2000s, when one of older sisters died in a terrible car accident, then the father died suddenly of a blood clot. I spoke at both funerals, ministering comfort and peace to the family and friends. Yet now, in the words of Kayla’s mom, “Finally, we get to call you in on a happy occasion!”

I am truly humbled and honored to have been connected with this family across so many years, and to have been there for them in joy as well as sadness. May I always be used by God as His “hands and feet”, loving people with His life and love.


One response to “Honored & Humbled

  1. Rob your story fortifies the answer as to “what makes a person/family great?”…trouble! Their troubles born in the spirit of Jesus Christ…that is victoriously. Submissively they bear them in the spirit of the Son of God. What a great testimony of becoming great through troubles.

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