Celebrating A Life Together

Lisa & Rob

My wife and I celebrated 26 years of marriage this past weekend. Counting the years we dated, we’ve been together 30 years total. We enjoyed a dinner together at Provino’s, Lisa’s favorite restaurant, we got a couple’s massage at Spa Stinney, then took off for a weekend at my parent’s lakefront apartment on Oconee. I’ve enjoyed every minute of my time with my bride of nearly three decades.

I look around me at so many whose marriages collapse for various reasons. Unfaithfulness, selfish agendas, disunity, boredom and monotony, money problems, the list goes on. Yet when I think of the life God has given Lisa and me over the years, I feel extremely blessed. And both our families come from lineages of marital faithfulness- both of our parents are still married, most extended family on both sides have remained together, all of our grandparents and even great grandparents all stayed true to their vows. Wow. I am blown away at the rich heritage of marriage that extends back far in both of our families. We plan to carry it on.

Husbands and wives who remain faithful to each other all of their days are sadly a rarity today. Yet I believe God richly rewards those who honor Him by honoring their spouse, by honoring their vows. Their legacy will extend to their children, their grandchildren, and beyond their families into the lives of those around them. May we as God’s people hold to our vows, hold to our spouses, and pass on a heritage of Biblical marital love as He intended.

Matthew 19:4-5


One response to “Celebrating A Life Together

  1. Congratulations on a lasting marriage. Our society makes it disposable but God says it is a sacred trust intended to reflect the depth of Christ’s love. Definitely worth celebrating!

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