Growing Young


Last Wednesday I underwent orthoscopic knee surgery, to repair two tears in my meniscus. They also removed calcification and arthritis that had been forming under and around my kneecap, from a previous surgery 13 years ago. This after undergoing neck surgery back in May for two degenerative discs in the base of my neck. No sooner had I begun to recover from that, when I twisted my knee and created the problems addressed in this latest visit to the surgeon. Problems come in pairs, it would seem.

I’m turning “the big 5-0” the end of the summer, and frankly, I’ve been feeling it. Physically, along with neck and knee, I’ve found I’m needing to adjust my eating habits some, as certain foods and their quantities I can’t handle as much anymore. My exercise habits have changed too, no more running and working out with heavy weights. Getting my cardio and strength training by less joint-pounding means. All adjustments necessary to keep the machine running well, I suppose. In fact, I compare these changes to the 50,000 mile service and tune-up automobiles need to keep running. Fluids all checked and changed, parts replaced and repaired, adjustments made where needed. I guess I’m in for my “50” mile service and tune-up.

Spiritually, I feel like God is doing new things in my heart and life as well, as I find myself seeking Him and waiting for Him (sometimes impatiently) to unveil the next phase of my journey with Him. It’s unnerving at times, yet exciting too. As strange as it sounds, I feel younger inside, enthusiastic about the doors He has opened for me so far, and what still lies ahead. I’m reminded of a verse I found in the Bible, in 2 Corinthians 4:16- “Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.” Growing young.

I may be in for my mid-life service and tune-up, but I’m getting excited about the new roads God will lead me down outside those shop doors. Ready for the rest of the trip.

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