The Weather Never Changes In Hell

church steeple

The other day, I went for a short motorcycle ride. I passed by an old, small church building, with a message sign out by the roadside. This is what the sign said-

“The weather never changes in hell”
– Friendship Baptist Church

I found the words on that sign very ironic. A church with such a friendly name, yet such a cold-hearted message. I find it sad that this message is what everyone driving by this church will judge those people by… and some will judge the rest of Christianity by that message as well. So much for “Friendship”…
Its not that the message is untrue- The Bible has much to say about hell, as much as it does about Heaven. But that’s not the point. If that’s all people see or hear of the message of Christ, it certainly is grossly inadequate. So often, the  media portrays Christians as ignorant, narrow-minded, and mean-spirited. When messages like on that sign are what people see, it feeds that false stereotype. I’m sure the people in that church are sweet, kind, and generous. Sadly, most people will never know that about them- or the rest of us.
People in churches who display messages like that must think they are being real clever… me, as a Christ-follower who wants people to see and hear the life and love of Jesus in me, I find that sign message offensive. I certainly don’t envision anyone seeing that sign, turning in, bursting through the door, and begging someone to tell them about Jesus Christ. BTW- I’ve never even seen anyone there, even if someone did stop in for help.
We have the greatest message in the history of the universe- salvation, forgiveness, & and restoration found in Jesus Christ. We must be so careful to present the whole Gospel, especially in our own lives. I want my life- my words, my actions, my attitudes, etc.- to attract people to Jesus Christ, not give them more reasons to scorn.
“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good deeds, and glorify your Father in Heaven.”- Jesus


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