Driven to Distraction


I’ve been feeling somewhat distracted lately. I can’t seem to stay concentrated on one thing for very long. My mind wanders to a dozen different things, constantly. I’ll start reading something, only to get a phone call, overhear a conversation, remember something else I needed to do, etc. There are so many things grabbing for our attention these days- thousands of channels on TV, in every room; music on the radio, on our headphones, on our computers, also our TV; cell phones with way more features than we need, constantly going off with calls, texts, and notifications; more reading material than we can possibly ever get to; endless surfing that can be done on the Internet, and so on. My attention span feels about as long as a 5 year old!
I recently joined a funny group on Facebook called, “I Have ADD And Wanted To Start A Group So That…Hey! Let’s Go Ride Bikes!” for those of us easily distracted. Seemed an appropriate group to join! Does this come with age, have I been ingesting too much caffeine, am I trying to juggle too much in my life, or is something else at work? Maybe all of the above…
I have also felt disconnected spiritually lately, not as in tune with God’s Spirit as I like to be. My prayer has become random and scatterbrained, and less frequent. I went for my nightly walk the other night, under a bright moon, and when I finished, I just sat down at the end of the driveway for a while, to try to talk to God some. I asked Him, “Father, what’s wrong with me? What does my heart need from you?” Rather quickly, He spoke to my heart, “Focus.” Yes, I certainly need that. I asked, “What do I do?” He said, “Stay with Me, linger here.” I did linger there, for about another half hour. Nothing majestic happened, the skies didn’t open up and angels didn’t sing, but I just sat in His presence, enjoyed the beautiful moon-lit night, and felt His presence and pleasure, like sitting in my dad’s lap as a kid, just enjoying being outside together.
I need to “FOCUS”- be more intentional about my morning prayer and Bible time with Him, and meet Him our here every night I can, to commune with Him. I want Him to again be “My One Thing” like the old worship song. That way, He’ll come back into focus in my life.
“Now this is eternal life: that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” John 17:3

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2 responses to “Driven to Distraction

  1. So true brother. I am observing a team here on a short term trip, and I see the amount of time spent checking on e mails, fb, blogs, tweets, journaling, calling, ad neaseum…..home much time is spent where He desires for us to spend it. We are still missing the boat when we talk about intimaticy. If we consider our relationship with God as intimate, then we need to go to Webster and reacquaint ourselves with the meaning of the word.

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