Doctor’s Orders


Maybe I’ve got too much time to think, but it occurred to me that recovering from surgery is a lot like life- there are good days, and there are painful days.

I had surgery last week, removing two degenerative discs in the base of my neck and replacing them with synthetic spacers, then bracing them with drilled-in brackets. I’ve had increased neck problems for the past 6 years, a result of old sports injuries aggravated over the years. Increased pain, tingling, and numbness down my left arm finally led me to this point. Sugery went great, so now the slow, gradual recovery.

I’ve had days that I felt really good, and went about my day doing more than the doctor ordered. And I paid for it. Other days, I dealt with a lot of pain and exhaustion, and abided by the order of rest and pain killers. If I follow the doc’s orders, I’ll feel better in about a month, my old symptoms will be over, and I’ll regain my strength and activities.

Seems to me, the same is true in my walk with Christ. The Great Physician has performed surgery on my life, removing the old degenerative sin, and replacing it with His new life. (2 Corinthians 5:17) If I abide by His Word, his “doctor’s orders”, I will grow in spiritual strength and health, and usability for His Kingdom. When I neglect His leadership and direction, or try to get ahead of Him and do life on my own, I inevitably cause myself unnecessary hardship.

Its always wise to follow the Doctor’s orders.

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