A Significant Day


Today has been a very significant day. It was exactly one year ago this day that my dear friend and brother in Christ, Aaron Smith, died of cancer. Ironically, I spent the past two days in the very same hospital Aaron spent his last days, Piedmont in Atlanta. In fact, I was discharged today to return home after surgery on my neck, and Aaron returned to his new home in Heaven this day last year. Many parallels. I have a somewhat lengthy recovery, whereas Aaron experienced instant healing before the Father. A special day indeed.

I am reminded how frail and fleeting our time on earth really is. Life and health can vanish in an instant, and pain is a part of living here. We worry ourselves with so many things, but in the light of eternity, all that really matters is a daily, vibrant, obedient walk with Jesus Christ. Everything else is rubbish, like the apostle Paul wrote.

I look forward to the day when there will be no more suffering, no more pain, no more aging, no more cancer. God the Father will make all things new, and make it permanent. The body eventually breaks down, but one day, we will be forever restored. The older I get, the more aches and pains I endure, the more loved ones I say goodbye to, the more I look forward to that eternal restoration.

And I look forward to seeing my old chum Aaron again.


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