Time Passages

beloved family

Its been an eventful weekend in our family.

Ansley, our eldest daughter, graduated from the University of Georgia Friday evening. It was a grand spectacle at Sanford Stadium, as 4200+ graduates were conferred their degrees, and turned their tassels. We now have a college graduate. Ansley will continue her education, pursuing a master’s degree at Armstrong Atlantic in the fall. For now, we are savoring the joy and satisfaction she is experiencing at her achievement. We’ve been celebrating with family and friends all weekend, and are frankly, exhausted. Words cannot describe how proud of her we are.

The girls and I enjoyed Mothers Day with Lisa, showering her with gifts, cards, flowers, and her favorite- chocolate covered strawberries! We all attended church at Phoenix Community of Buford this morning, then spent the day hanging out as a family. These times are becoming more infrequent, yet more cherished when we do have them together.

As both our girls prepare to build their own lives beyond our home, Lisa and I hope and pray that they stay anchored to the Biblical foundation we tried to lay for them. We were far from perfect parents, but it has always been our sincere desire to love and lead them to a deep, daily walk with Jesus Christ. My prayer has always been, “I have no greater joy than knowing my children are walking in the truth.” 3 John 1:4

It’s the only anchor that will hold, the only foundation that cannot be washed away.

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