Leaving a Legacy

Wedding Rings

This weekend I had the privilege of conducting the wedding of a young lady that I’ve known since she was in 1st grade. Back in the 90’s, Stephanie was a child in the children’s ministry I was pastoring at the time, and her parents became close friends of ours. Over the years, I’ve seen her grow, through adversity and achievement, and I now was invited into this very special event in her life. It was both humbling and gratifying, to say the least. Later this year, I’ll conduct another wedding of another young lady who also grew up through that same children’s ministry I led. I am deeply honored.

I’m reflecting on why either of these young women would seek me out, after all these years, to do their weddings. One would think they would choose their current church pastor, or a youth pastor from their teen years, their parent’s pastor, etc. But they came back to their old children’s pastor. And I’ve done several weddings now, for former students from my children’s ministry years.

I don’t believe its because I’m anything special. I believe its because I always strived to build children’s ministries that did more than entertain or amuse kids, while their parents went to “big church.” I sought to develop ministries that introduced children to the wonders of God‘s Word, that invited children into a real, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ, and taught/modelled for kids a daily, obedient walk with Him. I like to think we made a difference in their young lives, and they are repaying by inviting me into these special moments. For that, I am thankful to God, the One who called and used me for His purposes in their lives.

Teach a child- touch the future.

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