A Good Creed for Living


A couple of mornings ago I found myself reading Psalm 15. King David asks the question, “Lord, who may live in your tent, and who may dwell on your holy hill?” In other words, who can live in close fellowship with God, and who can one day dwell in Heaven with Him? He then lists out qualities that are acceptable to God:
A walk of integrity & honor- v.2
Acts of righteousness- v.2
Truthful speech- v.2
Doesn’t bad mouth others- v.3
Doesn’t do harm to others- v.3
Doesn’t pick up and hold a grudge against a friend- v.3
Despises perversion- v.4
Respects & looks up to those who follow the Lord- v.4
Keeps his word, even if it hurts- v.4
Doesn’t lend to others with interest- v.5
Doesn’t take bribes against others- v.5

This sounds like a good creed to live by. Now, we know from New Testament teaching that salvation comes not through works, but through faith in and surrender to Jesus Christ. But I think if more of us ordered our lives around these above, We would walk with greater intimacy with our Father, we would make a greater difference in the world around us, and would leave a greater legacy in the lives of our children.

3 responses to “A Good Creed for Living

  1. Rob: I desire to have my tent on the crest of His holy hill! Thanks for your posts; I am enjoying and agreeing with them. Your posts are coming to my email cause I don’t do good w/FB> Need ur new email Bro. Thanks for your partnership for my transportation. Love you guy!

    • Me too, my bro! I’ll pitch mine right next to ya. Keep me in the loop about everything going on with you, and send me a pic of the bike when your get it! Love ya, my friend!

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