What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?


It was beautiful here yesterday, so I went out for a motorcycle ride, to meet a friend for lunch. While riding some backroads home, I came upon an old graveyard behind a little country church. You might think this strange, but I like walking through old cemeteries. There is a lot of history found on the gravestones.

I parked the bike and walked among the plots, and found many fascinating ones- A Civil War veteran who served under Gen. Robert E. Lee; a family that lost 4 children in a span of 8 years back at the turn of the century; a pastor who had served the same congregation for almost 50 years; a soldier who died in WWI and was laid to rest here; a child who died at age 6, marked with an stone angel; A woman who lived to 104 years old. Amazing. And so many others- each representing a life lived here, a person loved there. What were their lives like? How were they remembered? What legacies did they leave behind for others?

I was reminded how fleeting life is, how fragile it is. Whatever years I have left here, I want them to be spent in love- for my Lord & Father, for my wife & girls, for my family & friends, for those in my sphere of ministry, for those who cross paths with me. Just to live and give the life and love of Jesus Christ. I hope my gravestone will one day read- “He Loved: His Lord, his family, his fellow man.”

“Life is but a vapor, here one moment and gone the next…” James 4:14

2 responses to “What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

  1. Well, that’s a lot to ask Rob, but I would like to know that I’ve been the best possible husband, father, grand and great grandfather to all of my family. I hope I can continue to be fair and honest with everyone and to share my Christian beliefs that give me reason to have these goals. It wouls also be nice for them to have my name spelled right!

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