A Day with Dad

father & son

My father spent Tuesday evening and most of the day Wednesday with us, while my mother was away. We worked on my motorcycles, busting knuckles and getting greasy and grimy. We made a couple of parts runs up into Lawrenceville, and a tool run out to Athens, enjoying the tinkering together, but mostly the talking. Whether wrenching on the bikes or pounding the pavement for parts, we talked about life, faith, family, and our walks with God. I listened a lot, drinking in the wisdom and insights of his 70+ years. By the time he left for home, we both agreed, “we need to do this more often.”

Earlier that Wednesday, our exterminator came by, an old high school friend named Richard. I told him the different direction my life had taken in recent months, and he mused, “You know, it could be that not only will God use this time to prepare you for what’s next, but He also wants you to slow down and spend time with Him. More than anything else, I’ve learned lately that God wants intimacy with us, that He wants us to just get quiet before Him, and learn to listen.” Good words.

Later that day after my father drove home, I found myself thinking about it all. Just as a father and son desire and need time together, so our Heavenly Father has created us for time with Him. He has so much to share with us, so much wisdom to impart, if we would but unplug long enough to engage with Him. He said in the Bible, “Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10) Like a parent or teacher wants their children to listen and learn, our Father desires to fill us with His Spirit, and with the knowledge of His will. But it takes time in His presence. Unhurried time.

So next time you offer up some quick litany of prayer requests before you rush on into your day, linger in His presence. In fact, make it a practice to linger. As you tune your heart to Him, you just might sense Him saying, “We need to do this more often.”

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