Lifecycle Living

perfect circle
When I was in college (a very long time ago), a classmate once asked me, “How much do you love God?” Bewildered by the inquiry, I remember thinking, “How do I answer this?” I finally concluded, “I suppose I love Him as much as I try to serve Him and know Him.” Turns out, that statement, which I believe came from God, both for my classmate and myself, set me on a small journey of sorts, searching Scripture and the counsel of those older and wiser than me, to discover what I came to call the “LifeCycle” (long before there was any line of exercise equipment by that name).

One night in my dorm room, I found myself penning these words:

The more I love God, the more I will serve Him.
The more I serve God, the more I will know Him.
The more I know God, the more I will love Him.
*and the cycle continues…

I’ve returned to that simple statement many times over the years, and shared it almost as often. I find it a good gauge for how I am walking with my Father, whether to know, love and serve Him, or to further my own agendas. Jesus Himself said, “Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength (the know and love parts). And love your neighbor as yourself (the serve part).” Its all about Him, not about me.

Let’s live in the “LifeCycle”.

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